Get tough policy on chinese tires falls

The Obama campaign has released an ad saying the president held firm against China in a trade decision, to the benefit of American tire manufacturers. For example, Obama claimed he approved fewer regulations in his first three years in office than Republican President George W.

Every time China threatens, we back off. We rate it Mostly True. The White House based that claim on Bureau of Labor Statistics data that show the number of tire manufacturing jobs went from 50, in Septemberwhen a new tariff on Chinese tires was announced, to 51, in Octoberthe latest figures available.

And he boasted of recent increases in jobs — which still number nearly 1. Bush rejected the petitions on the reasoning that any limitations on Chinese products would be filled in by other foreign exporters and American companies would not ultimately benefit. But the conflict continues, and the outcome is not certain.

The thinking among top U. The tire tax could also whet the appetites of labor to pursue more cases against China, though there are no more Section cases on the immediate horizon.

Get-Tough Policy on Chinese Tires Falls Flat

Preliminary analysis suggests the Hwasong could travel at least 6, kilometers on a standard trajectory, enough to reach Alaska. That was 30 fewer than Bush approved in his first 33 months. Faced with similar cases, President Bush took a pass on punishing China.

Kim Jong Un murdered an American citizen, routinely tortures and starves his own people in pursuit of these weapons. China appealed the tariff to the WTO but lost.

The president pointed proudly to increased oil drilling, increased U. The idea of him using them against America is not a far-fetched scenario. When such embarrassing information comes to light, Beijing relies on a carefully choreographed diplomatic dance to pacify and distract Washington.

And a decrease in illegal border crossings is due mainly to the lack of jobs in the U. Fortune Magazine -- "No, we are not in a trade war," chief White House economist Lawrence Summers declared when I raised the prospect with him two days after the Beijing regime lobbed U.

Bush, when the number grew from 11, in fiscal year to 20, in fiscal year which began Oct. The tire tax could also whet the appetites of labor to pursue more cases against China, though there are no more Section cases on the immediate horizon.Are President Trump's get-tough policies on tariffs and trade a strategic maneuver that will ultimately bolster the nation's economy, or a self.

Why Obama is taxing Chinese tires When the President hit China with a tire tariff, he hoped to show Americans he'll enforce free-trade rules. Given the complexity of global trade, however, that get-tough policy can rebound to hurt American interests.

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U.S. tire manufacturers, several of which have Chinese factories, and American distributors. Jan 25,  · See: Get-Tough Policy On China Tires Falls Flat--Wall Street Journal I've spent 20 years as a reporter for the best in the business, including as.

Find the latest business news on Wall Street, jobs and the economy, the housing market, personal finance and money investments and much more on ABC News. Get-Tough Policy on Chinese Tires Falls Flat Imports from China did in fact drop sharply.

But that business quickly shifted to Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and elsewhere. China Imposes a Steep Tariff on U.S. Poultry. A tariff on Chinese tires was supposed to cut U.S. imports and increase jobs. It has done little of either, but it has raised prices for consumers.

Get tough policy on chinese tires falls
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