How to write a feature story for yearbooks

Is their hair stylishly spiked? Master the craft of news writing. People who may be sitting at the next table, older versions of the people above. The writer should try to make his subject as comfortable as possible.

Use present tense and active voice. Which sports teams wowed the crowds? If interviews will be conducted over the phone, there are also apps that can do thisthough recording through Skype is often an easier option. With reports, students can review the facts of what happened this past year.

Like the best painted portraits, the best profiles capture the character, spirit and style of their subjects. Fact Checking and Other Ethical Guidelines Fact checking is an essential part of the editing process. You still may have a fine article on your hands.

And of course, emphasize the importance of follow-up questions to ensure the accuracy of the response. So develop a formula for identifying people in photos.

What to write in yearbooks – The Journalist’s Guide to Yearbook Writing

However, if the same student was the only person to win a national award for community service or just got signed by a professional orchestra, that would be newsworthy. The more students know about their audience, the more relevant their proposed topics will be.

Did the person have a model or idol who they aspired to be as a youth? Doing so can make a story better, as it allows the source to speak freely without fear of repercussions. Who will collect content for the printer?

Where did you grow up? All of these things will affect the direction you take with your story as well as how freely your subject talks with you Get background info: Here are a few ways to do just that: He then went back in time to the exact, tense moment when one of those female players had the guts to ask for more practice time on the court.

In addition, you will need at least two other sources. They also wanted to play more games against better opponents.

Tips On How To Write A Yearbook Story

A young woman swallowed nervously and told Redin that the Girls Basket-ball Club would like more practice time at the gym. Cut out unnecessary words. Each section of the story will have its own characteristics.

This sentence falls flat, because the fans are acting upon the subject the team. Study the structure of a traditional news story, including the inverted pyramid approach. They were members of the Wayland Girls Basket-ball Club, which played a handful of games each year against nearby high schools and junior colleges.

A good reporter begins an interview with a set of questions, but knows when to add impromptu questions that will get a subject to continue on a train of thought if it sounds interesting.Write about the person without stating any of your own opinions in the story.

Use third person (he said, she did), with accurate quotes in the person’s own words. Try to capture a sense of the individual’s personality and mood.

Want to write great yearbook captions every time? Read this post for proven tricks, examples to mimic, and the science behind why captions are important. How to Write Great Yearbook Captions For Every Photo.

POSTED ON: JULY 1, Said another way, the captions you add to your yearbook photos should tell stories. The trick to writing. May 03,  · I need to write a feature story for yearbook, and have no idea where to start? i have to write a feature story on a girl in my class who is: obsessed with jonas brothers -loves mall/shopping -loves music -loves movies -etc.

you ge tthe idea i wrote it originally, and my yearbook instructor told me that it was too boring. Status: Resolved. What to Write in Yearbooks? Find the Answers in the Journalist's Guide to Yearbook Writing. That dish that everyone hates in the cafeteria, for instance, might not be right for a feature article, but student readers will be sure to laugh when a writer refers to it in a story.

Obviously, your story will be grounded by your familiarity with your own school. But you should seek a variety of perspectives and several expert opinions. Try to interview students from at least three different schools, and look for recent research studies that may help illuminate some of the points your article makes.

School Yearbook Writing The information you collect will depend on the angle you choose for the story. Make sure all of your interview questions support your story angle. Write concisely. Identify all of the people in the photos when there are five or .

How to write a feature story for yearbooks
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